Make your IT security more effective

Secure File Sharing & Governance platform

  • Visibility, Compliance and Control for Sharing Beyond the Enterprise

  • Prevent Sensitive Data Breaches and Block Malicious Files,
    become compliant with highest Cybersecurity standards.


  • Speed Adoption and Prevent Shadow IT with the Accellion Button.

  • Unify Access to Enterprise Content Silos Without Migration.

Trusted by over 2,500 organizations


  • Visualize all sensitive information going in and out of the enterprise

  • Enforce Industry Compliance Regulations and Standards

  • Maintain Control of Sensitive Data Logically and Legally

  • Ensure Data Privacy 24/7/365


  • Strong Encryption In-transit and at Rest.

  • Fully integrated with your Security standards.
    MFA, DLP, ATP, SIEM and more.


  • Secure Deployment Options to Fit Your Needs.

  • Minimize Security Vulnerabilities and Reduce Maintenance Costs.


  • Access Shared Web Folders from anywhere.

  • Lock Down Private Email Communications with Secure Email.

  • Enterprise App & MS Office Plugins | Office 365 Secure File Sharing.

  • Keep On-the-Road Executives and Mobile Workers Secure with Mobile iOS and Android Apps.


  • Share Enterprise Content from Core Business Systems Without Migration, whether from SharePoint, OpenText, Documentum or even File Shares.

  • Integrate legacy enterprise content with the REST API

  • Strengthen Cloud Storage Compliance and Security for External Sharing.

  • Automate Workflows and File Transfers.

The Accellion secure file sharing and governance platform helps IT executives lock down and govern the exchange of confidential enterprise information with the outside world without getting in the way of users. Thousands of global CIOs and CISOs trust Accellion to give their organizations protection, privacy and peace of mind.


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With more than 10 years of experience in implementing Secure File Sharing solutions.

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